Roots Sold
Wind in the Willows. 20 x 30 cms Sold

Dusk 56 x 36 cms sold

Dartmoor Sold

Summer Evening 25 x 35 cms

One Hundred Acre Wood. 56 x 36 cms
Indian Summer
Roots 26 x 36 cms

Arboretum 60 x 40 cms

Into the Light 26 x 36 cms
Pain it Black. 26 x 36 cms

A Walk in the Park 36 x 26 cms

Winter Blues sold

Lost 26 x 36 cms Sold

Coming Home to Roost 26 x 36 cms

Windswept 60 x 40cms

The Cliff Edge.

Part of the collection of contemporary art at Chippenham Museum

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