Circular Paintings


jb 005a


Dark Side of the Moon

1 metre diam.

Gloss and resin on board. Sold


judith 01


Blue Planet

1 metre diam

Gloss and Resin on Aluminium. sold




North Face

75 cms diam.

Gloss paint and resin on Aluminium £400




75 cms diam

Gloss paint and resin on aluminium. 

£395 Available from Art Salon, Bath. email


Ocean HD2


Disappearing World: Rising Oceans

Gloss on board. 1 metre diam

 On loan to private collection.  Enquiries via Artiq.


Forest HD


Disappearing World: Vanishing Forests

Gloss on Board. 1 metre diam. 

On loan to private collection  Enquiries via Artiq.


Gloss on Board. 1 metre diam.


Disappearing World: Melting Ice

Gloss paint on Board. 100 cms diameter. On loan to private collection Enquiries via Artiq.

Lightening I metre diam. Gloss on aluminium

£400 Details via contact page

Planet 1metre diam. Gloss on Board

£450 currently on loan.  Enquiries via Artiq.

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