Hello, World.

I have decided to take the plunge and start a blog. I felt the need to make my website a little more personal and to share my thoughts and studio experiences.

I have always been drawn to gritty industrial elements within a rural environment. There is something beautiful and poignant about abandoned buildings or a line of pylons marching across the landscape. Do I have slightly odd tastes? Maybe so, in which case I should use my blog to explain and invite others to join me in my journey around motorways, industrial landscapes and building sites.

Writing has never come easily to me so I decided to start by posting new paintings alongside some poetry.

Here goes.

Underpass 25 x 35 cms

I am in love with what is mixed and impure

Doubtful, dark and hard to disencumber

I want beauty I must dig for, search for.

Pure beauty is beginning and not end

Begin with the sun, and drop from sun to cloud

From cloud to tree, and from tree to earth itself

And deeper yet to the earth dark root.

Robert Francis

Over the last week I have been looking through watercolours that I completed over a year ago. When I say completed, I mean that they seemed to be completed at the time. Sometimes you need to live with a piece of work to know if it is finished. I have a file full of “finished” paintings. Occasionally just a tweek here and there will transform a work, sometimes they can be confirmed to rubbish and sometimes a simple minimalist piece can act as a background to a more developed painting. I have learnt that the process can’t be rushed.

This is “Telegraph Road” reworked. I was very happy with the result.

November 2023

It has been a busy few months and I have been lucky enough to have work shown in the Wells Contemporary Show in Wells Cathedral …….

And the Discerning Eye Exhibition at the Mall Galleries in London

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