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Gold Leaf Maps

The idea for these paintings came to me after I saw the Mappa Mundi medieval map (approx.1300) at Hereford Cathedral and was excited by the idea that a map of the world could reflect the ideas of the age when it was created.

These paintings are made using unprimed canvas in order to contrast the environmental deterioration of the earth with the purity of the untouched canvas.

Circular Paintings

These are made by pouring and manipulating industrial gloss paint. This car paint is produced in a huge variety of vibrant colours. The use of an industrial paint deliberately brings an irony to the works, using car paint to portray abstract versions of our natural world which is being damaged by industry. The shapes mimic the planets and when they are all displayed together they become an abstract version of space.



Watercolour painting was my first love and I keep returning to this medium. There is no other way to produce atmospheric and luminous paintings that is quite like watercolour. Many of these works were created during lock down and express the feelings of isolation that we all went through. 

My watercolour paintings can be seen on the Woodlands, Sea, Sky, Mountains and Urban pages. All watercolours are on Saunders Waterford paper.


These are all made using fabric that has been printed with images of my paintings. I have them scattered around my studio and they bring a splash of colour and a sense of joy when I walk in. They are all available from http://www.ArtWow in various sizes.

Many of the works on this website can be seen and purchased via

www. artsalon.co.uk, Art Salon 21 Broad St, Bath, BA1 5LN  (https://www.artsalon.co.uk/artists/177-judith-beeby/works/3174-judith-beeby-blue-mountains-i-2020/ or

via Saatchi Art https://www.saatchiart.com/account/artworks/402010

Visits to the studio at Foxham are always welcome and can be arranged via the contact page.



Welcome to my studio tour


If you have any questions about any of the paintings on this site you can always contact me via the contact page. Prices include postage in the UK. Watercolours are usually sent rolled in a tube which is the safest option but I am happy to send them mounted if you prefer.

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